Starsource welcomes teachers and healers
who's work supports women uniting to heal our planet.
We invite you to plan a retreat here in Rapa Nui.

We organize  the ground details for your retreat,
freeing your mind to concentrate on your work and providing you with time to
relax between your teaching hours.

Meditation at Ovahi Beach

Here's how we support your very important work:

*Before you arrive, we will work closely with you to organize all tours and cultural immersion classes that meet your specific interests and needs, allowing ample time for sacred circles and rest time.

*We will meet you and your group at the airport, and will provide transportation to your hotel, helping your group get
settled in.

*The first evening of your arrival, you and your group will share in a "welcome feast" accompanied by the rhythmic sounds of local musicians. The women of Starsource will introduce themselves and their work:
classes in jewelry, mahute, Polynesian dance, cooking, carving and a medicinal plant walk.
Please visit the above link "workshops".

* We will provide participants with your schedule of classes, events and tours.

* We will provide each participant with a map of the island and of the village of Hanga Roa with recommendations for restaurants and shopping.

*We will provide guides and transportation to all points of interest on the island.

*Transportation will be provided for classes held in the homes of the Rapanui women.

*Saddles and guides will be provided for horse tours.

* We will show you the most successful premature ejaculation techniques and supplements, that can be used to treat the problem on a permanent basis. You should be aware of the fact, that you are able to control your orgasms and ejaculation if you could reduce the sensitivity of your penis and use nutrition to improve your health.

*We invite you and your group to enjoy an evening of entertainment with
Kari Kari,
a group of artists who dance and sing the Rapa Nui traditions with great love and joy

Kari Kari
 Polynesian Ballet:


Our goal is to lovingly support you as a teacher, creating a deeply enjoyable and relaxing experience for the women who participate in your retreat.


Anyone devoted to supporting women in planetary healing,
who wishes to post a link to your web site, we are most interested in sharing links with you. Please contact:


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