Cultural emersion tours that nourish the Spirit

Rapa Nui
Easter Island

 Teachers and healers who's work supports planetary healing,
Starsource invites you to hold your retreats here in Rapa Nui.
Please visit the above link "teachers and healers"

We offer private and group tours
We will organize a personal itinerary to suit your  needs

Opportunities to participate in:

Prayer circle at the ancient ceremonial village of Orongo
Deep relaxation and meditation in lava caves, Ana Tepahu and Ana Kai Tangata
Ocean front, full moon gathering of drumming and singing
Daily sunrise prayer dance of PanEuRythmy
Workshops in the homes of local artists
Horse Tours
Group or private tours of all the historical sites on the island
Friendships with the tribal people of the island
Annual sacred circles with the women of Rapa Nui to pray for family peace



In this time of planetary turmoil, we are being called back to the sacred circles danced by our foremothers many moons ago - circles of prayer, meditation, ritual, drumming, singing, dancing, talking and listening, so that we may shift our focus from the turmoil of outer events that trigger fear, to the peace that lives in the inner core of our Being. This is how we are creating peace in our world.

Through STARSOURCE, the tribal people of Rapa Nui, who live on one of the most remote islands on the planet, join in sister/brotherhood with a global community of friends who have access to teachers of many disciplines from around the world. STARSOURCE offers a vehicle in which we, the light workers,  can come together to support each other on our personal paths of  healing and growth.

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